Sustainability reporting requirements for data centers are changing

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The EkkoSense optimization solution is fully automated and easily integrates with your existing systems so there’s no need for large teams of specialists to install and manually analyze out-of-date reporting spreadsheets. That keeps your operations lean and your HR overheads to a minimum.


Whether you’re a small, single-site data center or a large multi-site estate, EkkoSense AI and machine learning crunches information from billions of data points to deliver accurate, real-time optimization insights. Saving cooling energy, reducing emissions, mitigating risk, and generating full reporting on the latest ESG and sustainability KPIs.


With organizations required to begin monitoring to the new ISO KPIs from January 2024, EkkoSense are ahead of the game when it comes to providing you with the reporting tools you need to stay compliant. And with little time to spare you can be up and running within a matter of weeks!

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