Data Center energy waste could be costing you the Earth

New research from EkkoSense suggests that the global Data Center sector is...


OVERSPENDING by $1.7B on cooling energy costs

CONTRIBUTING 3M + tonnes of unnecessary CO2-eq emissions

ONLY USING 40% of existing Data Center cooling capacity

Save on cooling energy costs

Reduce your Carbon emissions

Optimize your Data Center cooling capacity

With EkkoSense


Optimize your cooling with energy savings of up to 30%

power down

EkkoSense provides proven 30% reduction in energy consumption with a typical ROI <12 months

Reduce your Carbon footprint in your quest for net zero


EkkoSense delivers clear Carbon emissions savings to support your net zero emissions programmes

Unlock your unused cooling capacity by up to 60%


EkkoSense works with your existing cooling infrastructure avoiding need for costly capex spending

Monitor Manage Maximize

your Data Center performance

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your data center performance

Contact EkkoSense:

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